Horeca security

(Horeca = Hotel + Restaurant + Café)

Security Services Nederland has many years of experience with hospitality security. In the nightlife, aggressive incidents can seriously ruin safety and atmosphere. Not only for the nightlife but also for the hospitality entrepreneurs.

SSN plays a social role in this. We are not only a host, security guard or atmosphere manager, but also an extension of the police and municipality.

Every hospitality business has a different type of audience. Based on the catering business and the public, SSN can provide one or more matching security guards. Catering porters of SSN are more secure and host in one and try to maintain the good nightlife at all times.

It is also possible to use the so-called “Horeca Assistance Teams”. This can serve as an extension for the police / municipality or for the catering entrepreneurs themselves. These HBT mainly consist of three or four security guards who perform security work in an assigned sector.

HBT is more than just observing visitor flows and visitors. HBT teams can be deployed to provide assistance to colleagues in the event of calamities / incidents. They also support other emergency services. All our Catering staff have a First Aid / Emergency Response Certificate so that assistance can be provided to the relevant persons on time.