Object security

Security Services Netherlands also offers the service: the protection of objects (whether or not special objects) Whether large-scale objects or a small object in its own right makes no difference for Security Services Netherlands. With objects you can think of:

  • Buildings, private or (semi) government buildings
  • Airports
  • Penitentiary
  • (Parking) garages
  • Construction sites
  • Terrain
  • Schools and universities
  • (Psychiatric) Hospitals
  • Coffee shops
  • Stores
  • Homeless or youth institutions

We offer you:

  • 24-hour security for your company
  • Performing internal and external control rounds
  • Executing fire and closing rounds
  • Risk analyzes and security plans
  • Alarm follow-up
  • Keyholding
  • Access control and registration of incoming and outgoing persons
  • Compliance and enforcement of access policy and house rules
  • Daily report of findings